In this our first double issue of the TYF! podcast, we talk to Todd Barry (from the movie The Wrestler and his recent Comedy Central 1-hour special, Super Crazy) about getting his start in Florida with Carrot Top, how Larry the Cable Guy drove him to his first paid gig, and about how podcasting has yet to reach its final threshold: someone killing themselves mid-interview.

Plus, we talk to local NYC folk rock duo A Brief View of the Hudson, who tell us a few stories about their early days, explain their method for writing the score to Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film!, and then take to the streets of Williamsburg to serenade the locals with a couple of songs from their new album, Querencea.

In addition, writer Mike Sacks takes us up and down the emotional dial of morning radio and we take another trip down Ted Travelstead’s Story Hole.

All this, and Liam McEneaney reads an excerpt from his entire book, “The 25 People You Will Meet In Heaven.”

* * * * *

Theme song by A Brief View of the Hudson (abriefview.com)

You can buy Ted Travelstead’s book, The Patraeus Files, at this link.

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