Tell Your Friends! The Only Podcast That Matters! 
“Like Comedy Bang Bang!, Liam McEneaney’s Tell Your Friends! The Only Podcast That Matters! is based on a popular live comedy show and features a comedian host talking to other comedians; but that’s where the similarities end. Instead of the absurdist audio vaudeville of Scott Aukerman’s podcast, Tell Your Friends favors a genteel, literary tone that evokes the soothing storytelling of Ira Glass and This American Life more than the comedy-podcast template of comedians gabbing with other comedians about comedy stuff. Tell Your Friends combines charming literary vignettes from both its host and his friends—the most memorable of which involves the larger existential and philosophical ramifications of swapping pens with Bob Dylan—with entertaining interviews with comedians Eddie Pepitone and W. Kamau Bell and musician Mike Doughty, who plays a song he claims was rejected from the Twilight soundtrack. McEneaney’s curiosity and affection for people and their fascinating imperfections comes through in both his stories and interviews. Tell Your Friendshas a cozy, nicely lived-in feel. It’s easy to imagine McEneaney—whose career recently got a boost when he appeared on WTF and A Special Thing released a terrific, star-studded Tell Your Friends!concert film on DVD and VOD—hosting in a comfy cardigan while sipping from a mug of cocoa in a book-lined apartment. Not everything on the podcast works, but its likeability and gentleness go a long way, and McEneaney’s willingness to playfully tweak the podcast form bodes well for its future. [NR]”

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